Tawny and Talon Bott
P.O. Box 690
Kiowa, CO. 80117

Phone: 303-621-9656

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Where we are:
Our farm is located on the high plains of Colorado, at an elevation of 6500 feet. The farm is nestled onto a hill, under towering ponderosa pine trees. We have quite a menagerie with many alpacas, several llamas (used or being evaluated for guarding) and two livestock guard dogs. Everyday is fun and different, and the gentle hums from the alpacas blend with the bird songs and wind rustling the leaves. (Too poetic? Come on out and see for yourself!)

About Us:
For us the transition to alpaca ownership was a natural step. After being wanderers for many years with the armed forces, Colorado finally became the place where we could settle down and begin a new lifestyle.
I (Tawny) have been animal crazy since birth (much to my mother's dismay, as she never knew what was going to follow me home or in the house) and I have been drawing and painting for almost as long. I have been focusing on custom pet portraits for many years. Talon, an
electronic engineer and all around fix it man, has been around animals all his life, though I really don't think he knew, when we got married over twenty years ago, what he was really getting into. Both of us were raised on large farms and we missed the great outdoors, but certainly not the work raising livestock involved. However when we looked into alpacas, we knew we had found a happy medium, and a viable business opportunity.

Since the love at first sight with alpacas, followed by research, research, research.... I now have a "job" I really love. I have sinced learned to shear, card, blend, spin, felt and weave anything that has fiber. Even my dogs are not exempt. I have fiber available for sale (most of the time) and attend many fiber, wool and alpaca shows as a vendor, plus have now started teaching classes on fiber and farm management. Should you happen to be at one of these shows, come by and say Hi, or call or e-mail to schedule a visit at home. I love to show off the "kids".