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October 13, 2012                                     10 am to approx 4 pm




Fleece skirting class:
Here is a class to learn the ins and outs of preparing a fleece for sale or for show. This includes how to recognize a damaged fleece, and what to do with it to make itmarketable. It also includes animal husbandry tips to have a cleaner fleece on the animal. (Alpacas and llamas are targeted here) And we will also discuss breeding choices to get a better fleece on the next generation. Students can bring their own fleeces and will get one fleece evaluation.
Approx.. 5 hours                                                                $40.00


Carding and Blending:
Want to learn how to process your own fleece? then this is the class for you
Picking, carding and blending are taught in this class. This will cover the different techniques to clean a fleece, from all hand picking to a triple picker, and then preparing it for spinning or felting, and how to blend your fleece with other fibers to improve it or to get that marketing edge. Students may bring their own fleece, I supply all the equipment and handouts and includes 1 ounce of fleece for blending.
Approx. 5 hour class                                                          $50.00

Spinning Class:
Ever wish you could spin your own fleece, or just want to spin someone else's? This class will cover basics of spinning, first with a drop spindle then on to a spinning wheel. Many different types of fleece are provided, so you'll end up with lots of different yarns and techniques. This class will need many hours of practice, but we'll have lots of fun along the way. Approx. 8 hours of instruction on 2 separate days.                                                                 $80.00

Felting Class:
One of the easiest ways to make something from your fleece. We will cover how to make flat felt and also adding designs onto your felt. Students will be provided fiber and all equipment necessary. Wear clothing that can get wet and be prepared to use your muscles.
Approx. 6 hour class                                                       $55.00

Classes are available by appointment. Please call or e-mail to arrange a date.
Classes at held at Abra-Cadabra Alpacas in Kiowa, Colorado or arrangements can be made to travel to your location for a group class.

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